The Difference

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How is That Personal Touch Different to the Rest?


What We Offer

That Personal Touch employs Representatives from YOUR area who are attuned to YOUR lifestyle.  We set ourselves aside from the opposition by:

  • Providing our own environmentally aware cleaning products and equipment.  Never will you "run out" of products again!
  • We train our Representatives to ensure a continuous cleaning experience, catered to your individual needs.
  • Where possible, we quote in your home and discuss what matters to you!
  • We have a quality assurance program, where all Representatives are encouraged to discuss particular client needs!
  • Your home base is fully explained to your new Representative - they know what needs to be done before they arrive!
  • You discuss your needs and queries with the owner of the company!
  • We offer a Rewards Program for referred clients from current clients!
  • If you have a problem, call us!  That's what we are here for - no fuss, no hassles, no embarassment!

And Other Benefits

What about the staples?  What are the other benefits of working with TPT?

  • Key and Alarm Security System Implementation
  • 7 day per week availability
  • Deal direct with the owner
  • Client Satisfaction Initiatives
  • Uniformed Representatives
  • Recommendation Rewards
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Third Party Insurances

Our aim is to provide you with an outstanding cleaning experience.